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Postgraduate student

I'm busy and stressed trying to balance work, study and life; I want a quick, easy solution to those annoying issues of expression and academic writing style; I'm eager to put the finishing touches to my dissertation; the scheduled meetings with the supervisor keep me up at night. email Arion

Undergraduate student

I struggle to handle the workload and worry about grades and deadlines; I'm scared of lecturers who don't even let the minor referencing errors slide; I'm seeking that competitive edge and the sort of grades on my academic transcript that will impress future employers; I'm keen to find and use the best resources and develop a good response to the question. email Arion

International student

English is not my native language; I'm not confident with my written expression; my essays often need a lot of editing; I want to get marked for my ideas, not penalised for my mistakes; sometimes I need help with referencing. email Arion


I'm ready to put the finishing touches on the journal article before publication; I'm seeking to have a neutral reader provide a view on the structure and layout. email Arion

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