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respect your need for creative control

provide the constructive and candid advice that you're seeking

appreciate all forms of creative writing and individual style


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Manuscript editing

Why pass up the opportunity for peace of mind? Know that your manuscript has been professionally edited for spelling, grammar, structure and fluency. Eliminate those pesky little errors the easy and affordable way. email Arion


Manuscript proofreading

This quality control exercise provides you with an easy and inexpensive way to identify and amend those little imperfections that invariably find their way into a script. email Arion

General critique

Are you so absorbed in the writing process that you can't see the forest for the trees? Let the professionals at Arion editing be the 'everyday reader' of your work, providing you with objective, helpful feedback and advice. email Arion


Blurb writing

Arion editing can help you to engage the readers' imaginations and transport them into the world of your creation with a well-crafted blurb or synopsis. email Arion

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